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Slot Car enthusiasts from Linton, Indiana & around the world!.

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Pat T posted a status
"The LMPC Class will now be referred to as P3 The updated rules are posted under the OSCRA Tab."
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


CAN AMPlaceDriverT-LapsAve. Lap timeCars1Larry Arnt706.857Carrera Porsche 917K2Doug Ladson687.059Carrera Porsche 917K3Joe Gayso677.164Carrera Porsche 917K4Bob Redman677.1645Pat Taylor647.5006Mark Litherland608.0007Mike Johnson598.1368Mike Syester578.4219John Thorlton568.57110Jim Trimble548.889Fast Lap - Doug @ 6.384 New Class Gtrack Record!Most Lpas Class Record - Larry @ 70.7CGTPlaceDriverT-LapsAve. Lap timeCars1Doug Ladson736.575Carrera Ferrari BB2Larry Arnt716.761MRRC Toyota3Joe…See More
Jim Marriott replied to Larry Arnt's discussion RACE RESULTS AT OTTER CREEK ON OCT 8, 2014
"Must be the time of year - you all are down to 8 racers, and we only had 6 show for Sunday's race. I just put up a couple shots and the results if you're interested. http://slotcarforum.hotslots132.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&p=2645#p2645 "
Oct 13
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


TANominal voltage 13.54 - 2 min heatsPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage LapsAvg. Time/LapCar Model1Larry Arnt7518.756.400Scaley Camaro2Bob Redman7418.506.486Scaley Mustang3Doug Ladson7318.256.575Scaley Camaro4Joe Gayso7318.256.5755        ?6        ?7        ?8        ?Fastest Lap -  ?HSRNominal voltage 13.54 - 2 min heatsPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage LapsAvg. Time/LapCar Model1Jamey Smith8120.255.926NSR Ford Mark IV2Doug Ladson7919.756.076Slot.it McLaren 8D3Larry Arnt7919.756.076Slot.it Matra Simca4Bob…See More
Oct 8
Slot Car Addiction commented on Pat T's status
"Too much fun, I should have retired 40 years ago!!!!!! Got a 10 day trip to Di$ney World in early December, a 14 day to Di$ney in April, two weeks at Monroe reservoir in mid June, back to MN for 10 days in Sept. Then Di$ney in Oct. for 14 days.…"
Oct 6
Pat T commented on Pat T's status
"Dang Dan Enjoying the retirement I see ! "
Oct 6
Slot Car Addiction commented on Pat T's status
"I will be gone from 10/8 until 10/27 but will be ready to race on Wednesdays and Thursday's again after that."
Oct 6
Pat T posted a status
"Mike, let me know if you plan on racing anymore dates in October than is listed above"
Oct 6
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


VSC13.8VPlaceDriverT-LapsAvg. LapsAvg Lap TimeCar1Bob Redman6416.007.500Scaley Ferrari P42Doug Ladson6115.257.869Scaley Jaguar XK 1203Jamey Smith6015.008.000Scaley Jaguar XK 1204Larry Arnt6015.008.0005Pat Dunham5814.508.2766Joe Gayso5614.008.5717Mark Litherland5413.508.8898Mike Johnson5112.759.4129John Thorlton5012.509.600Fastest Lap - Larry @ 6.857 New Class Track Record!Most Laps Class Record - Bob @ 64.6WCGT13.8VPlaceDriverT-LapsAvg. LapsAvg Lap TimeCar1Larry Arnt6616.507.273Scaley Ferrari…See More
Oct 1
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


LMPC13.8V 2 min heatsPlaceDriverTotal LapsAverage Lap TimeCar1Larry Arnt696.96Scaley Porsche Spyder2Doug Ladson696.96Scaley Audi3Bob Redman687.06Scaley Aston Martin4Jamey Smith627.745Joe Gayso617.876John Thorlton608.007Pat Taylor588.288Mike Johnson588.289Pat Dunham578.42Fastest Lap:  Larry @ 6.436Most Laps Class Record - Larry @ 69.3GTE13.8V 2 min heatsPlaceDriverTotal LapsAverage Lap TimeCar1Larry Arnt746.49Ninco Mosler2Joe Gayso716.76Ninco Mosler3Jamey Smith687.06Ninco Mosler4Doug…See More
Sep 24
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


Can Am13.74VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt706.86Carrera Porsche 917-102Doug Ladson687.06Carrera Porsche 917-103Bob Redman667.27Carrera Porsche 917-104Joe Gayso667.275Jamey Smith657.386Pat Taylor637.627Pat Dunham637.628Jim Trimble617.879John Thorlton608.0010Mike Johnson588.28Fast Lap -  Larry @ 6.351 New Class Track Record!Most Laps Class Record for 8 Minute Race - Larry @ 70.2CGT13.74VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt706.86MRRC Toyota 2Doug Ladson706.86Carrera Ferrari…See More
Sep 17
Slot Car Addiction commented on Jim Marriott's status
"Jim, You always write a good follow up article on the races that I look forward to reading. I also enjoy the photos that are posted."
Sep 15
Jim Marriott posted a status
"Hey guys, check out the Hot Slots forum for pictures from Sundays event. http://j.mp/X793kZ"
Sep 15
Pat T posted a status
"Please note the Schedule Change for the Slot car Garage"
Sep 14
Pat T posted a status
"OCSRA October Schedule is posted"
Sep 12
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


TAPlaceDriverT-LapsAvg. LapsAvg Lap TimeCar1Larry Arnt5914.758.136Scaley Camaro2Dan Thorlton5814.508.276Scaley Camaro3Doug Ladson5814.508.276Scaley Camaro4Bob Redman5814.508.2765Joe Gayso5614.008.5716Jamey Smith5614.008.5717Jim Trimble5513.758.7278Pat Taylor5513.758.7279John Thorlton4912.259.79610Mike Johnson4411.0010.90911Gary Tannehill389.5012.632Fastest Lap - Dan @ 7.512 New Class Track record!HSRPlaceDriverT-LapsAvg. LapsAvg Lap TimeCar1Bob Redman65.616.407.317Slot.it Matra2Jamey…See More
Sep 10
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


VSC2 min heats - 13.8VPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage LapsAvg. Time/LapCar1Joe Gayso6616.507.273Carrera Cheetah2Doug Ladson6315.757.619Carrera Cobra3Larry Arnt6215.507.742Scaley Ferrari GTO4Pat Taylor6115.257.8695Bob Redman6115.257.8696Dan Thorlton5914.758.1367Jamey Smith5614.008.5718Pat Dunham5413.508.8899John Thorlton5313.259.05710Mike Johnson5112.759.41211Jim Trimble4611.5010.435Fastest Lap - Joe @ 6.574Most Lap Class Track Record - Joe @ 66.3 LapsWCGT2 min heats - 13.8VPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage…See More
Sep 3
Wilbur veach left a comment for robert wilson
"Want kind of car I'm running ft car"
Sep 1
robert wilson left a comment for Wilbur veach
" Hey Wilbur, This is robert from Oxford indiana Been away from the slot car addiction web site, nice to have some one close by welcome to slot cars. "
Sep 1
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


GTE3 minute segments and 13.80 VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Doug Ladson759.60Scaley Jaguar XKRS2Joe Gayso749.73Ninco Mosler3Larry Arnt749.73Scaley BMW M1 DTM4Jamey Smith749.735Bob Redman749.736Pat Taylor7210.007Dan Thorlton7110.148Jim Trimble7010.299Mike Syester6810.5910Mike Johnson6610.9111John Thornton6610.9112Jay Shaw6511.08Fast Lap -  Jamey @ 8.903. New Class Track Record!LMP3 minute segments and 13.80 VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt809.00Fly Riley BMW2Doug…See More
Aug 27





Slot Car Addiction!!

Slot car racing is a great way to get away from the everyday worries and challenges of life.

I started my slot racing journey waaaaay back in the mid 1960's with a Strombecker track and cars. I constructed and raced 1/24 scale cars in the Milwaukee area in the late 60's until Uncle Sam came along and sent me to Vietnam.

During the 1980's I raced 1/10 RC cars until the cost factor became much more than I was willing to spend. Since January of this year I have connected with a group of club racers and have come full circle back to slots.

Granted, our 1/32 cars don't have blinding speed, but the realism factor more than compensates for the lack of speed. Tweaking and racing is a very enjoyable way to put aside your worries and concerns for a short period of time and enjoy what life has to offer.

Welcome to Slot Car Addiction!

Dan Thorlton,


Blog Posts

Lone Tree F1 race on Tim's Videos

Five plus minutes of F1 racing at Lone Tree.

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on July 6, 2014 at 8:31pm — 2 Comments

Summer Fun Run August 3,2014. Smith's Small Engines 1515 N. 25th street, Terre Haute ,IN

The following is a partial list of info regarding the event. We will run club owned Scaley COT on the oval. This will be the same format as last year. Each driver will attempt a qualifying run using the same car. Teams will be determined by qualifying results. We are considering a 400 lap race although that is not a definate at this time. The second event will be F1 on the oval. In this race each competitor will run their own entry and not as a team event. As of yet, the duration of this race… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on July 4, 2014 at 7:04pm — 8 Comments


Race night at TWO BREW Speedway along with celebrating the retirement of Dan Thorlton (third from right).

From left to right: Jay Shaw - Mark Litherland - Dan Thorlton - Joe Geso - Jim Trimble - Larry Arnt - Mike Johnson - Doug Ladson - Bob Redman - Jamey Smith - Pat Dunham - Tim Thorlton - John Thorlton.…


Posted by Larry Arnt on May 23, 2014 at 8:32pm


I will have food and drinks tomorrow night. Looking forward to racing on TWO BREW. It was last November we raced here on a Wednesday night!!

Posted by Larry Arnt on May 20, 2014 at 7:11pm

Analysis of 72 Laps vs. 3 Minute Segments

The figures below from last night's racing show the differences in time from longest time spent on track to the shortest.. Each track will vary of course and  we can adjust as needed. GT1 and LMP are classes we generally run for 3 minute segments. LMP for example may go up one or two laps to get a little closer to 12 minutes.…


Posted by Larry Arnt on May 8, 2014 at 11:03am

Race Schedule change

Racing at Tannehill's tomorrow night.

Posted by Larry Arnt on May 6, 2014 at 11:22am — 1 Comment

The Stig has been identified

Tim and I have discovered the true identity of the Stig(aka Top Gear). IT IS LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on May 4, 2014 at 1:22pm — 1 Comment

Two laner on the drawing board

Tim has been busy designing a two lane track to put in his bedroom. It will be constructed on two tables with dimensions of 5'X4' on one with 4'X3'4" on the other. This gives a total length of 9' with a 4'X14" kick out. Doug took a look at it today and gave his approval. Both tables will be constructed of furring strips, skinned on both sides with 1/4" luan. 12 volt power pack with Trackmate scoring will make for a very nice test track that will be portable. Tim's intent is to use his artistic… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on March 3, 2014 at 8:23pm

Making axle spacers the easy way

I want to give Jim credit for this "how to" info. Most of us purchase SCC aluminum axle bushings and are more than pleased with the product. However, there are times when you need a specific size that is not in your inventory. Jim showed me how he takes the appropriate size aluminum tubing, slides an axle into the tubing, marks the cut line, and then rolls the assembly under an Exacto knife. The blade etches the cut line in the tubing while the axle keeps the tubing from collapsing. You end up… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on February 28, 2014 at 8:00pm


Slot Car News

News from FlySlot

Flyslot are ready to ship their first 3 models in collaboration with Avant Slot. These first models feature a new 21K "Blue" motor, 11 tooth brass pinion and silicon motor wires which offer an incredible hike in performance over the standard models.

This is just the start, look to see improved racing chassis designs featured in future racing releases.

W50102AV 512BB Pioneer Racing - 32K Motor
FS049101AV F40 IGOL Racing - 32K Motor
W50101AV 512BB Budweiser Racing- 32K Motor

Carrera 1/24 S-Can Motor Adapter

No question about it, Carrera 1/24 scale cars are pretty awesome. Unfortunately, most people are not able to take them to their full potential because of power issues. Now there is an affordable solution: Use the Devis 3d Designs Carrera 1/24 S-Can Motor Adapter and run the same voltage as your other cars!

The adapter allows you to keep everything but the motor stock. It even lets you reuse the same hardware so there is no fumbling around for the right screws. We have made this adapter reversible so you can use either can or endbell side shaft to fit your motor application.


Slot Mods Selected for Neiman-Marcus Holiday Catalog

Slot Mods USA, a small Detroit area company specializing in beautifully finished hand built 1/32 slot car raceways has been featured in the 2014 Neiman-Marcus 88th edition holiday wish book.

Slot Mods USA's David Beattie and one of his creations.

The Slot Mods USA item in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, titled the Slot Mods USA Ultimate Slot Car Raceway and priced at $300,000, includes a re-creation of the buyer's fantasy track along with an inaugural race night party co-hosted by racing legends such as Vic Elford and David Hobbs. Neiman Marcus is donating $3,500 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, which supports youth arts education, for every Slot Mods USA Ultimate Slot Car Raceway purchased.

Celebrities such as Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal, Zac Brown, Derek Hill, and TV's Jay Leno own Slot Mods tracks, and Slot Mods has been featured on the Discovery Channel's "Daily Planet" and in Road and Track, Hot Rod and The Robb Report.

Slot Mods motto is "We build the world's finest interactive works of art" and it is certainly applicable to any of their bespoke scale raceways.

More information about Slot Mods can be found at:

Web: www.slotmods.com 
Facebook: Slot Mods USA
YouTube: slotmodsusa

Vojtík Wins ISRA Worlds 2014 EuroSport 24

Anonin (Tonda) Vojtík III of the Czech Republic was the winner of the concluding and most coveted race of the ISRA Worlds 2014 which was held this past weekend in Latvia.

Prior to the start of the event, Tonda was 13th in the ISRA World Rankings. Vojtík beat USA's Paul "Mr Pickles" Gawronski (world rank #6) for the coveted ES24 trophy.

Tonda Vojtík III

Thank you to the Latvian hosts for a well run and enjoyable 2014 "Worlds". More information is here: 


iHobby News - AMT Reproduction Brass Chassis

One of the few interesting new items for Slot Car racers shown at the 2014 iHobby show in Schaumburg, IL was the reproduction and update of the 1960's vintage 1/24 AMT brass chassis that was shown by Professor Motor of Livonia, MI

Photo provided by Andy Smith / Professor Motor

This description of the chassis is provided by Andy Smith / Professor Motor:

"NEW MINT 1/24 Scale Reproduction of the 1960's AMT Slot Car Chassis.  Produced from ALL NEW TOOLING !  Gorgeous brass stampings and all stainless steel hardware.  This chassis design was used by AMT in the 1960's for both sports cars like the Chaparral / McLaren Elva / Lola T70 and Stock Cars such as the 1966 Galaxie / Chevy Impala and the Mercury Cyclone.  The chassis has an adjustable wheelbase from 3.85" (97.8mm) minimum to 4.9" (124.5mm) maximum.  The main chassis plate has a width of  2.15" (54.6mm) and since it is made of brass, it can easily be soldered or modified to fit a wide variety of period body shells if needed.  This chassis has brass "slide weights" that move front to rear as the car accelerates or brakes that were designed in to give variable weight distribution as specified by the original chassis designer.

This version of the AMT chassis is greatly improved over the 1960's original.  Those improvements include a MUCH thicker brass used in the main chassis plate for added rigidity that was a notable weakness in the original version, all stainless steel attaching hardware with easier to use phillips drive screws and a nylon insert lock nut to hold the adjustable guide tongue in place solidly. This version also has a much improved overall quality of stamping with better flatness and finish, a much improved chassis fit for the bushings / ball bearings that would be used, and finally a 1/4"+ increase in the chassis wheelbase over the original to correct the wheelbase mismatch when using large 1/24 bodies such as the 1966 Galaxie or Chevy Impala."

The body mounting kits are sold separately and are available in "narrow" style for sports car bodies and "wide" for stock car bodies.

A prototype of the Professor Motor "Monogram" series 1/32 RTR cars was shown at iHobby but we were asked to not publish photos because the livery has not yet been finalized. It MAY be similar to what is shown below:

For more information: http://www.professormotor.com

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