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Slot Car enthusiasts from Linton, Indiana & around the world!.

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Douglas Ladson posted photos
Feb 15
Douglas Ladson commented on Douglas Ladson's photo


"hey that restroom is pretty dog gone important for those over 55....saves that long walk to the house!!!!"
Feb 14
Slot Car Addiction commented on Douglas Ladson's photo


"This track will be braided and compatible for both 1/32 and 1/24 scale."
Feb 14
Pat T commented on Douglas Ladson's photo


"Agree Dan,  truly a craftsman at work. Something to be proud of and enjoy for years. "
Feb 14
Pat T commented on Douglas Ladson's photo


"Yea, there MIGHT be some confusion to what is is supposed to be used for ???"
Feb 14
Slot Car Addiction commented on Douglas Ladson's photo


"I helped Doug move and position a couple of pieces of sheet goods other than that, this has been a one man project. Amazingly talented person( Doug, not me)."
Feb 14
Slot Car Addiction commented on Douglas Ladson's photo


"The loo. Man, that sink sits low to the ground!!"
Feb 14
Douglas Ladson posted photos
Feb 14
Dan Bremer left a comment for William Garrison
" 2/13/15  10 AM     Hey Bill, hope you got my card in the mail by now. I really like the way all the 1/32 cars look (Redman's club,etc.) on this web! Dan B. ,Peoria,IL."
Feb 13
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


TA13.8VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt69.56.91Scaley Camaro2Joe Gayso677.16Scaley Mustang3Dan Thorlton667.27Scaley Camaro4Bob Redman657.385Doug Ladson647.506Pat Dunham608.007John Thorlton598.148Jamey Smith588.289Mike Syester588.2810Pat Taylor588.2811Mike Johnson529.23Fast Lap - Larry @6.566Most Laps Class Track Record - Larry @ 69.5HSR13.8VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt74.36.46SI Matra Simca2Dan Thorlton726.67SI Chapparal3Bob Redman706.86SI Matra Simca4Joe…See More
Feb 11
Pat T posted a status
Feb 6
Slot Car Addiction commented on Paul Greene's status
"Paul, Certainly glad you stopped by on a nasty evening. You will find the group is very friendly and more than willing to give assistance."
Feb 5
Paul Greene posted a status
"Thanks for the hospitality last night.Next time I will have a car. Paul"
Feb 5
Slot Car Addiction replied to Larry Arnt's discussion RACE RESULTS AT TRIMBLE INTERNATIONAL ON FEB 4, 2015
"Holy crap, Doug was on fire last night!!!!!!!!"
Feb 5
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


VSC13.86VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Doug Ladson62.77.66Ninco Jaguar XK1202Larry Arnt627.74Carrera Cheetah3Jamey Smith617.87Ninco Jaguar XK1204Dan Thorlton608.005Pat Taylor608.006Joe Gayso608.007Bob Redman608.008Pat Dunham588.289Jim Trimble578.4210Mike Johnson568.5711John Thorlton558.7312Mark Litherland539.0613Harley Burns479.06Fast Lap -  Larry @ 6.772 New Class Track Record!Most Laps Track Record for 2 Min Heats - Doug with 62.7WCGT13.86VDriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Doug…See More
Feb 5
Bruce Thomas commented on Pat T's blog post Rules update discussion
"I don't get why slot it has F1 wheels and tires and no F1 car. Must be a lot of them out there to supply parts for them I guess."
Feb 3
Jim Marriott commented on Pat T's blog post Rules update discussion
"Thanks again Dan. I'll give the 9/27 a go."
Feb 3
Slot Car Addiction commented on Pat T's blog post Rules update discussion
"Jim, My son has a Scaley with the FF motor geared at 9/27 and it won the oval event back in September. I run the orange geared at 10/26 in my All Slot but I'm not much competition so hopefully others will offer their advice."
Feb 3
Jim Marriott commented on Pat T's blog post Rules update discussion
"Thanx Dan. What's the recommended gear ratio for the oval?"
Feb 2
Slot Car Addiction commented on Pat T's blog post Rules update discussion
"Jim, You can install any gears you want but you must use only the F1 wheels and tires. I don't think anyone in the club runs the stock rearend."
Feb 2





Slot Car Addiction!!

Slot car racing is a great way to get away from the everyday worries and challenges of life.

I started my slot racing journey waaaaay back in the mid 1960's with a Strombecker track and cars. I constructed and raced 1/24 scale cars in the Milwaukee area in the late 60's until Uncle Sam came along and sent me to Vietnam.

During the 1980's I raced 1/10 RC cars until the cost factor became much more than I was willing to spend. Since January of this year I have connected with a group of club racers and have come full circle back to slots.

Granted, our 1/32 cars don't have blinding speed, but the realism factor more than compensates for the lack of speed. Tweaking and racing is a very enjoyable way to put aside your worries and concerns for a short period of time and enjoy what life has to offer.

Welcome to Slot Car Addiction!

Dan Thorlton,


Blog Posts

And the winner is, everyone!

In my opinion, everyone was a winner in the 2/28 Saturday event. Several members showed up Friday afternoon to help clear Jamey's show room. I have always wanted to drive a Z turn mower so Jamey told me to mount up. He started me on a small unit( kind of like H.O. compared to the big boys) due to my rookie status. I managed to get it out to the parking lot but then turned circles for about a minute try to get it landed next to the other mowers. What I thought was going to be fun was more than I… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on March 1, 2015 at 3:42pm — 1 Comment

Mystery solved

Larry made an observation today while he and I were helping with the school racing club. We have always wondered why the track would get dusty between heats even though it had been wiped down a couple of times. Larry was looking at the underside of a black chassis and noticed a large amount of dust clinging to the chassis directly behind the trailing edge of the guide. This indicated beyond a doubt the dust was in the slot and being kicked out onto the race surface. We used a shop vac and tried… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on February 26, 2015 at 8:22pm

Project 1957 Chevy Carrera

  Project Carrera 57 Chevy Is a car I built just because I like it. We have no class for it in our club so I didn't do a lot of modification as i was trying to use as much as possible of the stock car. But being a racer I couldn't resist trying a few things.

 I did notice that the car was equipped with 4 Brass…


Posted by Pat T on February 22, 2015 at 7:55am — 2 Comments

Rules update discussion

Jim, the F1 class didn't change, Camel GT Bob is allowing the 3d chassis but you have to use the stock interior. The interior can be trimmed some. PLEASE Read the rules thoroughly before making any changes to verify.  Also we are now using the club Motor list and the watts have been adjusted for some classes including CGT.  I hope the motor list doesn't create issues between our clubs, as said before IF you guys are running motors NOT on the list, please let me know what they are ?  IF you…


Posted by Pat T on February 1, 2015 at 10:17am — 7 Comments

The countdown begins

The special oval/roadcourse event at Jamey's is three weeks from today. Pat has the Square Donuts taken care of, Joe has the pizza order under control and I will bring the anchovies,cola,plates, and utensils. Jamey has installed the axle kit in the COT cars so we should be ready to rock and roll.

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on January 31, 2015 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Ask Jamey

Jamey came up with a very neat way to apply Shoe Goo. I don't want to steal his thunder so ask him to show/explain his answer to this messy procedure.
Jamey, this is brilliant!

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on January 30, 2015 at 9:13am — 1 Comment

Special OCSRA three race event on Saturday Feb. 21,2015

Our oval racing is so popular that once again, Jamey has offered to host a Saturday event. Agenda will consist of club owned COT cars in an IROC format with qualifying to determine heats. This will not be a team race. F1 will be individually owned cars with no qualifying and random sort for heats. The roadcourse will host the CamelGT/ Group5 cars incorporating 2 minute heats. . Square Donuts,pizza,and cola will be provided by OCSRA. As always there will be no entry fee. This could possibly be… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on January 22, 2015 at 12:14pm — 13 Comments

Upcoming club expenses

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe at the 1/7/15 race, it was agreed to purchase the needed supplies for the oval. Trackmate markets the USB adapter(dongle) and the interface cable. Total cost for both items would be $50.00 prior to shipping. It is possible these items could be purchased elsewhere for less money but getting from Trackmate guarantees compatibility Trackmate so no muss, no fuss.

Please add to the list of items that come to mind and we can compile a final list. Once all… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on January 10, 2015 at 8:34pm

My view from behind the wheel(trigger).

A lot of our members had been looking forward to January 3rd for several weeks. Well, the event is now in the books and I am pretty certain it will be long remembered. Once again, Jamey offered his show room which is an ideal location with plenty of room for the track, pit tables, and the donuts. I had predicted a turnout of 20 and was surprised to have 24 smiling faces walk through the door. Open practice on the oval was from 9:00-10:00 with all four lanes being continually used. Larry and… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on January 4, 2015 at 6:00pm

12 volt motor testing

  Under the OCSRA pull down tab at the top of the page and under Pat T. motor test data you will find my new list. All the information was gathered using the method Robert Livingston used for Slot car news except I have decided to torque test all motors at 12 volts rather than the method of 4 volts. Our club felt this would better rate any given motor. All the equipment used was built to represent what Mr. Livingston used. Any questions about the testing can be posted here on this site. If…


Posted by Pat T on December 20, 2014 at 9:00am — 3 Comments


Routed tracks 3 Replies

Started by Craig Straub in car setup and performance info. Last reply by Craig Straub yesterday.

Sebring 2015 1 Reply

Started by Craig Straub in car setup and performance info. Last reply by Slot Car Addiction on Sunday.


Slot Car News

New Mossetti Retro Chassis Kit/RTR

HEI and RPM Race Cars is proud to Announce the release of this new 1/24 Retro Can Am Brass/Steel Chassis Kit

.040" Hardened Brass throughout. No soft "butter brass" here.
EDM cut parts. No machined, stamped parts. EDM parts are flatter, stress free and precision fitting every time.
Pinned Steel Guide Tongue with spacer. Pinned for precision fit and alignment. No need for a guide reinforcement. Less weight and less time building.

Available with 3/4" wide or 1' wide motor brackets in .040" thickness.

Kit includes: Nose, Guide Tongue, spacer, bat pans and rear motor bracket. 
Retail Price 60.00 each. RTR Chassis will be available for 145.00 ea retail.
Available only through HEI/RPM
Designed by Ernie Mossetti, Legendary Designer and Builder of 1/24 and 1/32 Euro Sport Chassis, 1/32 F1 Chassis, 1/24 Wing Car Chassis, 1/24 Production Chassis and 1/32 Homeset Cars and Chassis.

  • Total kit weight is 45.2 with regular Motor Bracket
  • Retail is $60.00 U.S.
  • Nose Piece- Vertical Uprights to mount axle are 2.08” Overall width apart. Adjustable axle position 14.5 grams
  • Pans (2) 22.2 grams
  • Guide tongue and spacer 3 grams
  • Motor Bracket Regular – Max overall width is .762” 3 grams
  • Motor Bracket Wide – Max overall width is 1.360” 4 grams
  • Weight insert under Rear Axle 2.5 grams
  • Guide Tongue is .035” Spring Steel Laser cut
  • Tongue and spacer “Pin” into Nose Piece with .032” Brass rod
  • Bearing/Bushing fit directly into Motor Bracket - .188” Size hole
  • Brass is Precision Formed in Fixtures
  • Motor Brackets allow Optional position (Oval hole) adjustment – Highest position is in line with Axle, lowest position is flush with chassis bottom - .050” Movement
  • Axle centerlines of Motor Brackets is .354” Above the deck (.710” Jig wheel) - .810” Tires gives .050” Clearance

 More information and ordering:

Quick Slicks Announces New Compound

Quick Slicks is expanding their high-performance silicone tire line-up with a second compound.  Initially introduced in a soft compound, Quick Slicks are now available in an "Extra-Firm" compound.  By offering multiple compounds, Quick Slicks will give racers more options when selecting a tire compound to match their racing surface, track layout, chassis setup, race strategy and driving style.  The new Quick Slicks compound has undergone extensive development and testing in conjunction with several 1/32 slot car world and national champions and world record holders.  Additional compounds are planned for the future.

If you are a retail hobby store or raceway and would like to carry Quick Slicks, we offer an attractive Authorized Dealer program.  Please note we will not undersell our Dealers.  Contact us at QuickSlicks2014[at] (replace the "[at]" with "@") for more information.

Quick Slicks Features

  • Made in U.S.A. using high-precision CNC machined molds.
  • Currently available in two (2) state-of-the-art silicone compounds – “Soft” and “Extra-Firm”.
  • Available to fit many popular 1:32 Euro-Style aluminum and magnesium “set screw” wheels from a wide variety of manufacturers including C.B. Design, NSR, and Sloting+.   Initially Quick SlicksTM are available in 27 sizes with more planned for the near future.
  • Quick SlicksTM provide excellent grip on all racing surfaces – plastic or wood (painted).  The cleaner the racing surface, the better the grip.
  • Slip-on or Glue/true – the choice is yours.  If you’re a casual racer, gluing is not required - you can simply slip-on a pair of Quick SlicksTM and start racing.  If you are a more serious racer and prefer to “glue and true” your tires for maximum performance, Quick SlicksTM work very well with a silicone adhesive such as Permatex Ultra Black.
  • If you do decide to go the (optional) glue/true route, the Quick Slicks “Soft” compound requires less effort to do so than other silicone tires.  Same goes for (optionally) adjusting the profile where the sidewall and contact patch meet.
  • Rounded outer sidewalls on all Quick SlicksTM give them a realistic appearance like real tires.  The rounded outer sidewalls appear realistic regardless of a given tire’s outer diameter (o.d.) – no unrealistic, bulging sidewalls.
  • Quick SlicksTM designed for a specific wheel are the same width regardless of outer diameter – an important consideration when rules require tires to fit under the car body and you want to experiment with different tire diameters.
  • Quick SlicksTM are affordable.  In fact, they typically cost $1.00 - $2.00 per pair less than other 1:32 silicone tires (our 1:24 tires are up to $4.00 per pair less).  This is often an important consideration whether you race alone or participate in club/organized racing.
  • We offer an exclusive Quick SlicksTM Tire Selector to assist you to identify which Quick SlicksTM fit a given manufacturer/model wheel.  Still not sure which Quick SlicksTMyou need for a particular application?  Give us a call (or drop us an email) and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Chase-cars News: New Narrow Chassis

In case you didn’t know, chase-cars has been making a chassis for the last 4 years with steering and suspension, because sometimes realism is more fun than outright speed.
Together with a range of bodyshells from 1970s America, it’s everything you need to recapture the golden age of car chases from the movies, just add your own tyre squeals!
The chassis fits under a range of barge-like bodyshells, but if you want to build a 1960s European rally car you can now choose a chassis which is narrower.

Their new chassis measures just 27mm across the front hubs, so with a typical 7mm wide wheel you can fit it under a 42mm wide body shell.  The chassis pictured above is for a VW Beetle which is 45mm wide, so it uses 7mm wheels with an inner hub.
The wheelbase is adjustable from 103mm right down to 66mm so most saloon cars can now corner with more realism.

Want to see it in action?  Check out this YouTube clip: 
Just as with the other chase-cars chassis it’s available in 3 levels of build:
Chassis Kit 1 includes all the custom parts you need, the plastic chassis components, stainless steel linkages, alloy front stub axles, coil springs and all fasteners.  You need to add your own S-Can motor, 3/32” rear axle, guide, bearings, wheels and tyres.  It’s £25 plus postage.
Chassis Kit 2 includes everything you need to build the car yourself right down to low-resistance silicone motor wire.  It’s £64 plus postage.
Chassis Kit 3 is fully assembled and ready to go, just e-mail the wheelbase length you need and it’ll be shipped ready to fit.  It’s £80 plus postage.

For more details, full assembly instructions or to place an order head over to

Slot Cars Magazine Subscriptions Now Available

More Information Here:

Ostorero Slot News February 2015

Ostorero Slot of Turin, Italy, has begun production of the 1/32 model of the Chaparral 2K/02 - Cosworth built and entered by Texan Jim Hall and driven by fellow Texan Johnny "J.R." Rutherford to victory in the 1980 Indy "500".

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