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  Wednesday   OCSRA . . .    Sept 2 . . .   Otter Creek . . .  Can-AM,   Camel GT,  GTP

                                              SEPT  9 . . .  Lonetree HD . . .  GTE,  LMP,  P3 






















Slot Car enthusiasts from Linton, Indiana & around the world!.

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Pat T replied to Larry Arnt's discussion RACE RESULTS AT SYCAMORE SPEEDWAY ON AUGUST 26, 2015
"Your Brother even Made it Dan, we had a very enjoyable time Wednesday. I really like having everyone over and as you can see by the results it was a very Fast Night of Racing. Larry's Idea in this case, of putting the top 4 Finishers in a…"
Slot Car Addiction replied to Larry Arnt's discussion RACE RESULTS AT SYCAMORE SPEEDWAY ON AUGUST 26, 2015
"Another night of good racing and a huge welcome to Cole. Thanks again to everyone for your support of our hobby."
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


TA13.8VDriverT-LapsTotal TimeLag BehindAverage Lap TimesCar1Doug Ladson80517.9286.47Scaley Camaro2Jamey Smith80523.979-6.0516.55Scaley Camaro3Joe Gayso80533.896-9.9176.67Scaley Camaro4Bob Redman80539.569-5.6736.745Larry Arnt80540.335-0.7666.756Pat Taylor80542.774-2.4396.787Jim Trimble80545.254-2.486.828John Thorlton80549.321-4.0676.879Pat Dunham80573.461-24.147.1710Mike Johnson80587.527-14.0667.3411Cole C80709.047-121.528.86Fast Lap - Doug @ 5.900 and New Class Track Record.80 Lap Record - Doug…See More
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"Cole, Welcome to the group."
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Aug 23
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


VSC13.8V DriverT-LapsTotal TimeLag BehindAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt60426.9527.59MR Chapparral 2A2Joe Gayso60467.807-40.8557.87Carrera Cheetah3Bob Redman60475.036-7.2298.13Carrera Porsche 9044Mike Syester60491.687-16.6518.205Doug Ladson60498.539-6.8528.486Dan Thorlton60499.780-1.2418.517Pat Taylor60514.856-15.0768.588Mike Johnson60529.934-15.0788.679Tim Thorlton60540.163-10.2299.1910Jamey Smith60551.449-11.2869.2211Mark Litherland60570.574-19.1259.2512Jim Trimble60572.369-1.7959.54Fast Lap…See More
Aug 19
Larry Arnt posted a discussion


P313.8DriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt706.86Scaley Porsche 9172Doug Ladson696.96Scaley Peugeot3Bob Redman687.06Scaley Aston Martin4Jamey Smith687.065Pat Taylor667.276Mike Johnson667.277Joe Gayso667.278Dan Thorlton667.279Tim Thorlton647.5010Jim Trimble617.8711Pat Dumham608.00Fast Lap -  Larry @ 6.450LMP13.8DriverT-LapsAverage Lap TimesCar1Doug Ladson726.67Sloter Zytek2Jamey Smith716.76NSR Audi3Larry Arnt706.86Sloter Zytek4Joe Gayso706.865Bob Redman696.966Pat Taylor696.967Jim…See More
Aug 12
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Aug 8
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CanAm2 min heats - 13.9VPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage LapsAvg. Time/LapCar1Doug Ladson5914.758.136Carrera Lola 2222Joe Gayso5914.758.136Carrera Porsche 9173Bob Redman5914.758.136Carrera Porsche 9174Tim Thorlton5614.008.5715Dan Thorlton5513.758.7276Pat Taylor5513.758.7277John Thorlton5413.508.8898Jamey Smith5413.508.8899Mark Litherland5313.259.05710Jim Trimble5313.259.05711Scott Jeffers5213.009.23112Mike Johnson5012.509.600Fastest Lap - Doug @ 7.294CGT2 min heats - 13.9VPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage…See More
Aug 5
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"Aug schedule is up"
Aug 1
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TA2 min heats - 13.9VPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage LapsAvg. Time/LapCar1Doug Ladson71.817.956.685Scaley Camaro2Joe Gayso6917.256.957Scaley Camaro3Larry Arnt6716.757.164Scaley Camaro4Scott Jeffers6716.757.1645John Thorlton6716.757.1646Bob Redman6516.257.3857Dan Thorlton6416.007.5008Pat Taylor6416.007.5009Jamey Smith6315.757.61910Mike Johnson6215.507.74211Jim Trimble6015.008.00012Pat Dunham5714.258.421Fastest Lap - Doug @ 6.391Most Laps Class Record - DougHSR2 min heats - 13.9VPlaceDriverT-LapsAverage…See More
Jul 29
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Jul 24
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"Not as of yet Jim, maybe later on this summer not sure. will let you know when we do !"
Jul 24
Jim Marriott commented on Pat T's blog post July 11 OCSRA Summer fun run. Trimble international . . . Terre Haute, IN
"Any updates on when this event will be rescheduled?"
Jul 24
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VSC13.8VDriverT-LapsCar1Larry Arnt44Carrera Cheetah2Mike Syester43MRRC Chaparral3Bob Redman43Scaley Alfa Romero4Doug Ladson425Dan Thorlton416Mike Johnson38Fast Lap - Larry @ 9.744WCGT13.8VDriverT-LapsCar1Bob Redman49Carrera BMW Z42Doug Ladson48Scaley Audi3Larry Arnt48Carrera Aston Martin4Dan Thorlton465Mike Syester446Mike Johnson41Fast Lap - Doug @ 9.20F112.1VDriverT-LapsCar1Larry Arnt51SCX Minardi2Bob Redman48SCX Minardi3Doug Ladson48SCX Minardi4Mike Syester455Dan Thorlton456Mike Johnson39Fast…See More
Jul 22
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Jul 20
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Jul 20
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GTE13.8VDriverT-LapsTotal TimeLag BehindAverage Lap TimesCar1Larry Arnt80538.8376.74Scaley Jaguar2Doug Ladson80539.776-0.9396.75Ninco Mosler3Bob Redman80539.863-0.0876.75Scaley Corvette4Joe Gayso80550.020-10.1576.885Dan Thorlton80561.034-11.0147.016John Thorlton80580.829-19.7957.267Pat Dunham80604.915-24.0867.568Pat Taylor80638.234-33.3197.989Mike Johnson80644.047-5.8138.0510Jim Trimble80705.288-61.2418.82Fast Lap - Bob @ 6.118 and New Class Track Record!80 Lap Record - Larry at538.8378 min…See More
Jul 16
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"Charles, no problem and thanks for the response."
Jul 16





Slot Car Addiction!!

Slot car racing is a great way to get away from the everyday worries and challenges of life.

I started my slot racing journey waaaaay back in the mid 1960's with a Strombecker track and cars. I constructed and raced 1/24 scale cars in the Milwaukee area in the late 60's until Uncle Sam came along and sent me to Vietnam.

During the 1980's I raced 1/10 RC cars until the cost factor became much more than I was willing to spend. Since January of this year I have connected with a group of club racers and have come full circle back to slots.

Granted, our 1/32 cars don't have blinding speed, but the realism factor more than compensates for the lack of speed. Tweaking and racing is a very enjoyable way to put aside your worries and concerns for a short period of time and enjoy what life has to offer.

Welcome to Slot Car Addiction!

Dan Thorlton,


Blog Posts

July 11 OCSRA Summer fun run. Trimble international . . . Terre Haute, IN

OCSRA Summer Event: July 11 at Trimble International. Oval in former Sycamore location. Nascar IROC & Trans Am on oval, GTP on road course. Pizza delivered for lunch.

Posted by Pat T on June 20, 2015 at 9:28pm — 2 Comments

6/3/15, change of venue

The scheduled location for the race on 6/3/15 was The Beast but has been moved to Doug's. There will not be a meal provided but pre race dinner is La Fiesta in Linton.

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on June 1, 2015 at 6:26pm

Thinning out the herd

I am selling a multitude of very competitive cars that I no longer run. Each of them has been tricked out with quality parts. I will bring them to Tannehill's this week.

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on May 17, 2015 at 11:42am

Looking to contact Bruce Thomas regarding racing tomorrow night.

Hey Bruce, send me a private message here on SCA.


Posted by Larry Arnt on April 14, 2015 at 11:13am — 1 Comment

 Old Lonetree Raceway.......R.I.P.    (its shutdown) Well old Lonetree raceway was about 5 years old, needed a new tape job.  thousands of laps run on this track and many races! I really never did ge…

 Old Lonetree Raceway.......R.I.P.    (its shutdown) Well old Lonetree raceway was about 5 years old, needed a new tape job.  thousands of laps run on this track and many races! I really never did get tired of running on this track. BUT! the new LONETREE RACEWAY HD ...is up and running  both timing system on monitors all mounted  laps are about 7.5 sec.     Ready for its first race!     Doug


Posted by Douglas Ladson on April 12, 2015 at 8:42am — 2 Comments

Set screw connections for Braid

I saw this posted and thought I would put it out there for you all to see. This method works very well for me but, tinning the wires is a must !  Click the link below.


Posted by Pat T on March 20, 2015 at 4:30am — 1 Comment

Oval car under construction

Some of us played around with oval only cars at Jamey's last week and found them to be a lot of fun. Based upon the fun we had Jamey has constructed a couple of cars using the Parma Womp chassis and paper laminated East Coast Modified bodies. Not wanting to be left behind plus having a lot of leisure time on my hands I decided to build a modified coupe using a resin body and a handful of brass. This is my first attempt at a resin car and the body prep is a challenge. Lots of careful… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on March 7, 2015 at 3:18pm — 8 Comments

And the winner is, everyone!

In my opinion, everyone was a winner in the 2/28 Saturday event. Several members showed up Friday afternoon to help clear Jamey's show room. I have always wanted to drive a Z turn mower so Jamey told me to mount up. He started me on a small unit( kind of like H.O. compared to the big boys) due to my rookie status. I managed to get it out to the parking lot but then turned circles for about a minute try to get it landed next to the other mowers. What I thought was going to be fun was more than I… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on March 1, 2015 at 3:42pm — 1 Comment

Mystery solved

Larry made an observation today while he and I were helping with the school racing club. We have always wondered why the track would get dusty between heats even though it had been wiped down a couple of times. Larry was looking at the underside of a black chassis and noticed a large amount of dust clinging to the chassis directly behind the trailing edge of the guide. This indicated beyond a doubt the dust was in the slot and being kicked out onto the race surface. We used a shop vac and tried… Continue

Posted by Slot Car Addiction on February 26, 2015 at 8:22pm

Project 1957 Chevy Carrera

  Project Carrera 57 Chevy Is a car I built just because I like it. We have no class for it in our club so I didn't do a lot of modification as i was trying to use as much as possible of the stock car. But being a racer I couldn't resist trying a few things.

 I did notice that the car was equipped with 4 Brass…


Posted by Pat T on February 22, 2015 at 7:55am — 2 Comments


Slot Car News

New Stamped Steel 1/24 Chassis from Mossetti Racing

Here we see the first blanks of the new Mossetti Racing stamped steel chassis, these are the pieces ready for forming. 

There will ultimately be four versions of this chassis:

Patriot Sport - this chassis will be available in two versions. Just bolt in your favorite FK motor; either the full metal can version or the ProSlot version. No soldering is required. The chassis sets up perfectly for 8:28 Gear Ratio (48 Pitch). 

This could become the new standard for entry level racing - as the unique design eliminates the tedious task of soldering in the motor by the beginning racer or raceway owner.

Patriot Striker - Two piece Chassis - C can solder in version. Motor brace not shown.

Patriot Trio - Three piece Chassis - C can solder in version. Motor brace not shown.

The chassis material is 410 Stainless (1mm Thick) and weighs 1.3 grams lighter than JK. The chassis is hardened to over 40 Rockwell (JK is softer). All chassis will be nickel plated for ease of soldering.

The pin tube locations and rear axle position will be identical to the JK to make swapping out bodies simple.

More technical and ordering information will be posted as soon as it is available. 

Carrera Joins in the Anniversary Celebration for National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

Carrera of America will be at the 21st Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky September 3-5, 2015 and will display the upcoming Carrera Corvette Race set. 

The new Corvette Race set will be shown and you can race on the track during the 3 day Anniversary event! 

There will be giveaways of Carrera hats and stickers and other gifts... and the Museum Gift Shop will be taking pre-orders on this set during the event. 

Check the National Corvette Museum website for directions. The Covette museum anniversary event will be open the 3rd-5th September from 8am-5pm daily. 

Carrera of America also plans to attend the annual April event at the National Corvette Museum and NCM Motorsports Park.

Sample Corvette C7.R slot cars are planned to be on display, but will be subject to availability.

Information and photos provided by Carrera of America.

New Lola T-600 IMSA From SRC

The Lola T600 designed by Eric Broadley was introduced in 1981 for the IMSA Championship and FIA Group 6 competition. The first two cars built were purchased by the Cooke-Woods Racing team, which equipped them with the 5.7-liter Chevrolet V-8 engine. The Lola T600 was originally designed to be equipped with a choice of Porsche, Ford, BMW or Chevrolet engines.

The first North American race in which Lola T600 competed was the 100 miles of Laguna Seca, California. Brian Redman driving chassis HU-1 took the pole and ran to a dominant victory. Wins by the team were repeated at Lime Rock, Mid-Ohio, Portland and Road Atlanta.

This new 1:32 scale version by SRC reproduces driver Brian Redman's debut at Laguna Seca. It comes with the new fully transparent SRC display box.

SRC plans to offer the "T-Bird Swap Shop" IMSA Lola T600 HU4 of John Paul Jr. and the "Budweiser" IMSA Lola HU5 of Chris Cord/Jim Adams later in 2015.

MIRPA and GLSCC Restore Famous Scale Replica of Chicago's Meadowdale Raceway

After 3 months of intense labor by volunteers from Great Lakes Slot Car Club and support from Meadowdale International Raceway Preservation Association, the track donated to MIRPA by Bob Dunkle was finally ready for racing on July 4th, 2015.

One of the races held July 4th was a "Trans-Am" race commemorating the SCCA Trans-Am race held at Chicago's Meadowdale International Raceway July 1968.

Here are some photos of the completed 1/32nd scale track and the racing action.

Congratulations and thanks to GLSCC and MIRPA for restoring and preserving this historic slot car track.

Questions should be directed to GLSCC and MIRPA (http://www.mirpa.org/).

2015 RETRO National Championship Series # 5

The 2015 RETRO Race of Champions "The Race for the Ring" will be held July 17-18, 2015 at Real Speed Raceway in Fort Wayne, Indiana on their 155' Ogilvie King track.

Real Speed Raceway
3404 Land Dr
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809
(260) 341-0199

A couple of changes this year....... NOT a Hand Out Motor Race in any of the classes. WSC Coupe will use PS-FK motors. All races "one and done" format. Can Am and F1/Indy races ONLY count towards the "Race for the Ring" Championship.

The Schedule of Events and Classes to be run........

Friday July 17

Track Opens at 12:00 PM Noon. All Day Pit Pass $ 10.00

WSC FK Coupe - will tech at 6:00 PM. Qualifying and racing to follow. Race Format "one and done" overall lap totals determine overall finish. This race WILL NOT count towards the ROC Ring Championship. This is a "warm up" type race the night before the Can Am and F1 events. Entry Fee $ 10.00

Rules here using Motor Option 2 Pro Slot 4002 FK: http://www.retroslotracing.com/

WSC Coupe, Can Am, F1/Indy Body List here: http://www.retroslotracing.com/approved-body-list.html

Track closes at 11 PM

Saturday July 18

Track Opens at 8 AM Tech at 9:30 AM Qualifying and Racing to follow.

Can Am FK - NOT a Handout Motor Race. One and Done format. Entry Fee 15.00

Rules here: http://www.retroslotracing.com/can-am.html

F1/Indy FK - NOT a Handout Motor Race. One and Done format.
Entry Fee 15.00

Rules here: http://www.retroslotracing.com/f1.html

See the RETRO website for all other rules and info:


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